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Premium Pool Care For Your Family

Servicing Clemmons, Winston-Salem and surrounding area's


Premium Service

Starting at $628/mo.
($157/week; based on 4 weeks)
*$35 trip charge to give estimate
What Does Premium Service Pool Cleaning Include?
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Test Chemical Levels
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Balance Chemials
Net Leaves & Debris
Brush Walls & Steps
Empty all Baskets
Check Equipment
Vacuum as Needed
Clean Deck & Equipment pad
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Filter Repairs
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Pump Repairs
Filter Cleans
We check the equipment while on site as part of the service. Any repairs of cleanings are done so at an extra charged approved by the homeowner.
Also Included:
Filter Cleanings
Salt Cell Inspection/Cleanings
1 Skimmer Basket per Skimmer
Pump Basket
Lid O-Ring
Shaft Seal
Filter O-ring(s)

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Weekly Service Results Sent Via Text
and Email.
You get to see what we see!

All chemical readings and dosages and pictures of a clen pool and potential problems as well!
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Our full-service package lets you use your pool and not worry about if it's clean or not! We handle all the heavy lifting. It's true that you may still empty baskets or net some leaves out between our visits, but we'll take care of the rest!

*$35 trip fee to give estimates (applied to the initial invoice when you sign up for service)

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