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Premium Pool Care For Your Family

Servicing Clemmons, Winston-Salem and surrounding area's

Our Services

A pool professional should take pride in pool chemistry, actually, they should take pride in all aspects of pool cleaning. That means everything from water testing to checking equipment, keeping the deck and equipment area's clean and much more.

But is weekly pool maintenance really necessary? Many of us have been taught to believe that as long as the water is clear is safe to swim in. However, science tells us differently. That's why we test for and balance the LSI (Langlier's Saturation Index) every week. That test tells us if your pool water is corrosive, neutral or scale forming. We s

 Here are some of the services we offer as pool cleaning professionals.


Starting at $180/mo.

Weekly Cleaning

Check chemistry
Adjust chemistry
Brush walls
Brush steps (floors if needed)
Check equipment
Empty all baskets
Blow leaves froom deck


Filter Cleaning
Filter repairs
Pump repairs
Plumbing repairs

Customer Reports

You'll get an emailed and text after every visit with a detailed list of what we did and notes of things we pass onto you.


Starting at $100/mo.
Check and balance chemicals weekly
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