Is a Service Pro Really Needed?

When I was growing up, I was always astounded that my grandfather could fix pretty much anything and everything. He built part of the house that my grandmother still lives in, and I remember helping him and dad build a shed in our backyard as a kid, which is still there over 20 years later with little work needed in repairs.

Now, that brings us to our day and age. The majority of people today might be able to fix a few things around their house or maintain certain things with little to no problem. But if the air conditioner breaks, the majority of people wouldn't know where to start. Next step, call out a professional to run tests and fix it. Is that a bad thing? For our bank account, it could be. If we knew how to fix everything we would all save a ton of money. But the fact is, that we sometimes just can't do that, and we need to call in a professional to take care of things.

Pool care isn't much different in this regard. Many homeowners want to care for the pool themselves and are happy to go to the local pool store to get what they recommend to keep things running. Others have circumstances where they just aren't home enough due to work, or kids schedules to keep up on their pool. That's where pool professionals come in. Typically a pool pro comes out every week, tests the water, gets all the debris off the top of the water and the floor, brushes the walls and steps, and empties the baskets. Most will even do a quick inspection of the equipment to look for leaks or things that may cause damage down the road.

In the pool industry, it may seem that we have a lot of, what we call "splash and dash" techs. That means a tech would drop in chlorine tabs, maybe empty a basket and leave. Sounds horrible right? That's because it is. The pool industry has a bad reputation because so many people with do things like this. So that may make you want to do your pool yourself. And that's ok.

No matter what industry or what kind of work is being done, there are people that do a great job, and those that don't. But, should we give a regular, weekly tech, a break if he's been doing a good job, and then for a few weeks, things aren't so good? Absolutely!

For example:

Your pool pro is human too. Maybe they weren't feeling good that day they cleaned your pool, or it was just a bad day in general. We always need to remember, that we don't know what goes on in peoples lives.

So, if 96% of the time the pools looks great, don't dwell on the few times it's a little less than stellar. Make sure you give him the benefit of the doubt, we all want that same kindness extended to us when it's needed. Now there is the other side of the coin as well. Some guys are just plain bad. If that's the case, it's time to shop around for a new company or try doing the pool on your own.

The next blog will start an in depth series of what to consider when hiring a pool pro.

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