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January - February we may take an extra day or two off for training. The big manufacturers offer training so that we are better equipped to take care of your pool.



Monday, May 25 

Friday, July 3

Monday, Sept 7

Monday, Oct 26 - Friday, Oct 30

Monday, Nov 23 -  Friday, Nov 27 

Monday, Dec 21 - Friday, Dec 25

*Homeowner is responsible for pool during the times we can not be there



Modern Equipment

Modern Software

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We try very hard to care for customer pools as if they were our own. That's why we use the Riptide vacuum system!

It helps us clean pools in a more professional way.

In the day and age of smartphones, people don't want paper left at their house. That's why we use some really cool modern software for pool pros! With Paythepoolman, you get a digital service ticket each week after we've cleaned your pool! 

You'll get an invoice in your email and you can pay online or set up auto-pay with us as well.

A pool pro's most used tool is the pole we use with a brush and net so that we keep your pool looking great!

That's why we use Primate Pool Tools premium pole!  It helps us to clean your pool in a quick efficient way that doesn't tire us out!

Local Referrals

We're really excited about this part of our website! It seems like no matter where you are, or who you might be talking to you, someone asks "do you know something that does...?" Sure there's places like Google (which might be how you found this site), Angie's List, Craig's List, Thumbtack and others...but sometimes you just want the local handy man that your neightbor used; instead of that the big companies.


Well, here on our site we'll start recommending local companies for various industries. We're kinda picky, so we're not just gonna put some random company or person on there that we wouldn't use ourselves.

AC and heating

Esteffon Dorn

Desert Freeze

Pest Control


In this section, we have links to a bunch of stuff on Amazon that we use or recommend in both our business and personal life! Hope you enjoy them!

Pool Suff

Office Stuff

Mobile Stuff

We service the East Valley - East Mesa | Gilbert | South Apache Junction | Gold Canyon

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