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My name is Travis Wilson and I'm the owner, and operator, of Desert Island Pool Services. My wife and I have lived in Arizona for 18 years and married for 19.



I enjoy working in this industry and taking care of my customers. There are days that are frustrating (what job doesn't have those days?!), but despite those few days, this is a rewarding industry.

My wife and I have both worked for big companies in the corporate world. Not long after we got married my wife started to suffer from sever depression (which she sill struggles with), and several auto immune disorders.


She had not worked for years, and the company I was working for wanted me to work even more hours when they found out she had health issues, because they thought we needed the money more than spending time together. I only wanted to spend more time with my wife. Since then, we started this company and her health stuff has gotten somewhat better. 

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P.O. Box 50876, Mesa, AZ 85208 


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