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Premium Pool Care For Your Family

Servicing Clemmons, Winston-Salem and surrounding area's

What Makes Us Different?

We take a lot of pride in making sure our clients pools are cared for in a professional manner. Part of that means we take a holistic approach to water management. What does that entail? We spend longer at each pool than the average "pool guy", we take the time to balance the water according to the LSI (Langlier's Saturation Index) set by industry standards, get as much "junk" out of the water as possible so that we can use the least amount of weekly chemicals to achieve LSI balance. We also use the newest, most accurate technology in photometers for water testing.


A pool cost a lot of money to install, but it doesn't have to cost a fortune in repairs if the maintenance is done by a professional! 

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Travis Wilson has a CPO certification and Residential Pool Chemistry Certification

Nextdoor 2023 Fave Award Winner
$35 Estimate

Monthly Rate

Starting at $400/mo

based on 4 visits per month at $100 per week

$35 estimates
(applied to invoice when you sign up for service)

You've heard the phrase "one size fits all" most likely, but unfortunately that's not always the case. That's especially true when it comes to keeping water balanced and the amount of chemical and time to make that happen. Our priority is water management and your families saftey.

Your pool is a large investment; would you rather have a "pool guy" take care of it, that kind-of knows what they're doing? Or do you want a pool professional that will be honest with how much it's going to cost, and takes the time to care for that body of water, it's equipment, and keep your family safe?

What's included:

  • All weekly maintenance dosage of chemicals (except chlorine tabs)

    • includes CalHypo, muriatic acid, phosphate remover, clarifier, and enzymes​

  • Brush tile, walls, steps, and floor as needed

  • Empty all baskets

  • Photometer testing and LSI water balance weekly

  • Skim debris from pool floor and surface

  • Check equipment for leaks and proper operation

  • Weekly reports are sent via text and email

  • And more!

  • Filter cleaning every 5-6 months (cartridge and DE filters) $150 charge

  • Salt cell checks and cleaning every 4 months $35 charge


Honore - Pool Owner

Travis from Desert Island Pool did an amazing job of cleaning up our brand new salt water fiberglass pool from initial installation, it was gross from a winter full of construction from our pool builder. We would have been lost without his services. We didn’t intent on having weekly pool service but Travis did such a magnificent job we keep him on to service our pool weekly plus added in hot tub service. Couldn’t be happier with his work and his communication. Highly recommend.

Rhonda - Pool Owner

We were so fortunate to hire Travis Wilson for our pool maintenance in Clemmons NC. That man has gone over and beyond what is to be expected from someone taking care of your pool. If you can get on his list, I would highly recommend him!!!!

Leigh Ann - Pool Owner

Fantastic customer service, incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and phenomenal follow through!

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