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When it comes to weekly pool cleaning service, you shouldn't have to worry about whom you hire; that's why we are all about transparency here. That's why you can view our service agreement online to make sure we're a good fit for you!


Monthly Rates for pool cleaning service

*Prices may vary depending on trees/plants that surround

the pool, water condition and condition of equipment

Custom Plan Tailored to Your Pool

*Prices will vary according to pool size, current chemistry and equipment.

Minimum $125/mo

(based on 4 visits per month at $31.25/visit)

You've heard the phrase "one size fits all" most likely, but unfortunately that's not always the case. That's especial true when it comes to keeping water balanced and the amount of chemical and time to make that happen.

Your pool is a large investment, would you want a handyman to take care it that kind of knows what they're doing? Or do you want a professional that will be honest with how much it's going to cost, and take the time to care for that body of water, it's equipment, and keep your family safe?

the details

Full Weekly Service

(see service agreement)

We provide the following:

Liquid chlorine & Muriatic acid

Customer Provides

Chlorine tabs and pays per ounce/pound for other chemicals as needed

Filter cleaning $100

Every 4 Months {3x per year)

Yearly Mineral water treatment $85


Borate Start-up Treatment $125

CPO Certified: Travis Wilson

*45 extra per month for standalone spa

*$85 service call (applied to any repair over $400)


Some of our work

More pictures

water SAFETy

Safety is often overlooked with pools, both by the homeowner, and the company taking care of that pool. We've found that this is industry-wide due to lack of training. Several companies are trying to change that. 


Do know why a pool pro cleans a pool? Is it to keep it looking awesome? That is a fantastic result, but there are really two reasons:


  1. To keep harmful bacteria out of the water so it's safe to swim.

  2. Equipment maintenance and repair is done to keep it running and safe.

We want to help keep your kids safe. Take this quiz and check out the Collin's Hope website for more information about being safe around water.


Thank you! My pool looks AWESOME thanks to you! My Pool has never looked this clear.

Liz - Pool Owner

Desert Island Pool Service is the BEST! The quality of work is great, my pool has never looked this good! He’s very professional, his response time to questions are fast. He’s very punctual, if he’s going to be late he advises you of that. I would highly recommend Desert Island Pools!!

Denise - Pool Owner

Check out the SPSPA website for all the details of this amazing group, and see why it's helping pool professionals everywhere!



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